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Assalamu Alaikom (Peace be upon you)

Welcome to my blog

Old picture of me in 2016 in Abu Dhabi. Well not really me, more like the back of my head.

My name is Ruba, I was born and raised in the UAE (United Arab Emirates). However, in 2017, I moved to Canada with my mother, after my father passed away (May Allah have mercy on him). Alhamdulillah, I have been residing here with my husband.

I have wanted to create a blog since, I kid you not, 10 years ago! But was just too scared, lazy, doubtful.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations and a Minor degree in Creative Writing.

I have always loved getting creative with words but I never knew how to combine my love for writing and everything related to self-improvement and growth from an Islamic perspective.

Until COVID-19 hit and I was staying home for long periods of time so somehow I gathered the courage to create a blog that specifically talk about that.

I am also currently pursuing a certificate from IOU (International Open University) in Islamic Psychology to be able to help you better inshAllah.

About Inspired by Aisha

I created this blog specifically for every Muslim woman -(everyone else is welcome too!)- trying to lead a life of Islam and building a lifestyle around Islam.

This includes love, marriage, friendships, family, day-to-day interactions, self-care, and many more. Basically things a typical Muslim woman face in her daily life.

If you are interested in a lifestyle that revolves around Islam instead of the other way around, then you will feel right at home here.

Remember, this is a judgment-free space. My one and only goal is to grow and improve together as Muslims.

Why I chose the name “Inspired by Aisha“?

Aisha bint Abu Baker (RAA*) was a phenomenal woman who always inspired me my whole life. The first time I learned about her life was through the book : Aisha: The Wife, The Companion, The Scholar by Resit Hayalamaz.

Her strong personality yet kind heart inspire me immensely. She was an optimistic, enduring woman in the toughest hardships and had a respectful sense of humor especially with the Prophet (PBUH*).

She was a major consultant in political issues and owned an amazing memory which makes her a significant source of hadiths by the Prophet (PBUH).

As a woman, I can relate a lot to a Muslim figure who was able to be there for her loved ones, give sound, wise opinions to whoever asked her for help, and most importantly, someone who was able to correct herself gracefully when she did something wrong.

Is the blog about Aisha’s (RAA) life?

No. This blog is not about Aisha’s (RAA) life. However, everything I mention here is based on role models in Islam and how they acted in similar situations. Therefore, naturally, as a woman, I would relate things to Muslim women role models and that includes any of the wonderful Mothers of all Muslim believers and more frequently (Aisha RAA).

ًWhatever good I say is from Allah SWT and whatever wrong I make is from me.

I hope you enjoy my blog! 

*RAA(Radeya Allah Anha- May Allah be pleased with her)

*PBUH(Peace Be Upon Him)

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